Indian Tulsi (Holi Basil)- Great for overall health benifits

                                                      M.R.P.: Rs. 59
Net Wt.: 15 ml (250 Drops)

Keva Panch Tulsi has been presented by Keva Industries – an ISO 9001:2008 affirmed organization in specialized cooperation with Droi Pharma, California, U.S.A. It contains 100% natural  Tulsi which have for quite some time been utilized by conventional individuals in India for its wellbeing upgrading supplements and does not contain any reactions. It is a HALAL Certified item and delivered under International acclaimed GMP regulations.

It is useful in battling against different wellbeing issues connected with contamination and diverse irresistible conditions like Multiple Infections, Anemia, Migraine, Allergy Problems, Skin Rashes, Itchiness, Flu, skin problem, Hair fall.

Being rich in cell reinforcements and eminent for its mending powers,  consolidated in Keva Panch Tulsi drops has been reported for their restorative advantages. These are known not capable against oxidant, hostile to maturing, hostile to bacterial, against viral, against septic, against influenza, anti-infection, mitigating and antibody poison properties. It can be powerful in hack, icy, sharpness, blockage, stomach torment, stomach torment and viral or occasional fever, swelling in lungs, hypertension, mid-section clog, weariness, retching, stoutness, joint pain, asthma, paleness and ulcers. Likewise evacuates blood pollutions and expansion the resistance of human body.

Key Ingredients:

This is exceptionally thought and characteristic concentrate of 5 basil leaves, for example, Ocimum Sanctum, Ocimum Gratissimum, Ocimum Canum, Ocimum Basillcum, and Ocimum Citrioforum which are known not life supporting properties.

Keva Panch Tulsi Medical advantages connected with Ingredients:

Give a rich supply of cell reinforcements and other life dragging out supplements

Revive respiratory issues like cold

Relive -Tension, Headche, Migrain

Improve Memeory

Sleeping Disorder

Powerful against attacking microscopic organisms, infection, parasitic diseases

Reduce side effects of influenza, fever, cool and hack

Its make blood purifier

Dispose of out poisons from the body

Upgrade vitality and stamina

Streamline physical execution

Advance solid digestion system- Improve Somach

Relieve from, anxiety, nervousness

Relieve irritation

Ensure against radiation and other ecological aggressors

Enhance assimilation, supportive in causticity, blockage, stomach torment, stomach torment

Headings for use:

Take 10 drops of  Keva Panch Tulsi Drops in morning and 10 drops in night for 6-12 months , for better results take 6 months.

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